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Sophie was a Polish woman who was doing at the same position as me, she worked as Marilyn Monroe was built, stacked one might say. She was so cute I wanted, so he asked one day if he would come with me, 'Sure,' he said, so that the precautions in a movie theater, said he was watching a movie that did meet this afternoon. We duly complied and went to class clung to me waiting for the great movie to come the sea if it is not obvious, as she snuggled closer and kissed me, and she responded with passion. It had the feel of it and pushed my hand up her skirt, spread her legs and fuck me out through the fine lingerie apparel, which were quite wet, ie it would have been taken out and filled a glass! Now of course I had to do anything else until then, except to kiss a few times, so I said ' fuck you, Sophie? ' ' Yes,' she said with her ​​Polish accent beautiful, then 'we ' If we went. She took my hand and wewent through the back door into the parking lot. was dark, and the reverse was the film back and started kissing, I opened her blouse and let the bra straps over the fsiblog shoulders to get her tits. They were great! fsiblog Not small by any means erectnipples were very firmly, so I bent down and sucked on them, put your hand down and felt my cock growing. I put my hands under her skirt and pulled down his pants, let me fsiblog take a right. Then he leaned against the wall and pulled the skirt at the waist, 'I see your cock,' he said. I opened it and got it to feel 'to fuck me? ' She asked. '' Well, to realize how wet I was not wanted things around the pants, so I dropped them and left my underwear. Then I pushed his legs and my hand found its niche and relaxed in it. it was very hot, and within very tight and wet. I started fucking, but noted that seemed to be on my shoulder allAt that time I was very happy a nice tight fuck, her pussy sucking making noises as she panted neglected. I said a little angrily, 'What the devil do you keep your eyes on Sophie? ' ' Oh, my friend could look out the window and see us! ' She replied. 'What the hell does that mean ' ' Oh, we got into shallow water and high buiding is, you can see, parking n' I said, 'Why are we, where you fsiblog can see us condemned? 'I asked. ' Oh, I like to fuck risky, angry when he can see fsiblog and catch me like Maniac, when I go in fsiblog '' Christ', I thought, ' the girl is a real wierdo ! ' He!. Do not stop fucking, but she was enjoying it so obvious that I'm not sure what happened after that was his business that obviously was not fucking her hard enough for them, said: ' I like big hard fucking , fuck you ! more difficult and not cum yet, ' I thought. ' Fat Chance that I have to take his life so they can get fsiblog ' I said,' Do not run, Sophie? '' Yes, I run, 'she said, ' however, last long ! '' Huh, 'he said, GEtting a little bitter, 'so you better start your fucking pussy, because it will not last much longer !' She put her hand between us, and I felt like I was rubbing her clitoris, 'You're a real cunt whore, fsiblog Sophie, 'I told her. 'Yes, I fuck shit bitch fuck like men and then get to my friend, fuck your sperm! ' Was his answer. There was nothing to say it was ? So I went to pick up the connversation had my mind of what was taken, I recently had much more than they usually do before I finally shot my cum fsiblog deep pussy inviting. After finishing Sophie said, 'Well, I like, and fuck you, fuck you next time' So I did it several times, always strange at the same place, tell me if you never saw her friend to us.
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